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Combe Common recreation ground

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

An invitation to express your views .......

Combe Common Recreation Ground

The Parish Council has formed a Working Group to develop plans for the construction of a sports pavilion on the recreation ground at Combe Common. The Working Group is comprised of two parish councillors and two local residents all supported by the Assistant Clerk and RFO to the Parish Council. The Working Group would like to hear from you!

The Parish Council’s vision is that the recreation ground becomes a focal point for outdoor sports and recreation activities in the village. When the Parish Council consulted with local residents in 2017 as part of the Neighbourhood Plan there was strong support for an improvement to the facilities for the youth of the village.

The intention is to build a multi-use facility that can be enjoyed by the Youth Football Club, the Scouts and other village groups. There is the potential to create recreation facilities for the younger members of the community – is this the opportunity to build the much discussed skate park, and a children’s playground?

The Working Group is running a consultation process that will end on April 18th and inviting contributions from everyone.

The project is just starting now, so it is an ideal time for you to express your views.

There is an online questionnaire at Combe Common Survey or if you would prefer to contact us by email please send your contribution to

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